db Suppressor - Lightweight Sound Damper

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Lightweight, weighs 10% less than comparable mats with superior dampening ability

Use sheer force to reduce or eliminate vibration

May be moved and reinstalled

Weight: 0.48 lbs ft²

0.060" thick

Made in the USA

db Suppressor is a technologically advanced sound insulator that offers superior damping performance at a reduced weight over competitor’s products. It weighs 10% less than other products, yet possesses superior sonic energy loss capacity. db Suppressor assists in reducing automotive interior noise levels and improves performance from auto sound systems, by limiting panel resonance (vibration). db Suppressor uses sheer force to reduce or eliminate vibration. db Suppressor™ features a lightweight butylene layer that is bonded to a 4 mm anodized aluminum sheet. The butylene layer is loaded with with a proprietary blend of ceramic micro-spheres which reduce the overall weight of the product and increase its resistance to heat.

Another unique feature to db Suppressor, once it has been installed it may be moved! That's right, you can peel it up and stick it in a different position, try to do that with another dampener, and you would destroy it!


Download db Suppressor Instruction Sheet


• Scissors or utility knife      • Carb spray or your favorite cleaner/degreaser
• Tape measure                   • Isopropyl alcohol, pre-paint cleaner, or other non residue cleaner
• Straight edge ruler            • Poster board or heavy paper (optional)


  • db Suppressor is designed to be used on flat surfaces or surfaces with gentle curves. For surfaces with several irregularities like a door panel, consider using a product like db Shield. Forcing db Suppressor into highly irregular surfaces may cause the dampening aluminum layer to tear reducing the performance.
  • Take a moment to measure the surface to be treated to make sure you have enough db Suppressor available to complete the installation.
    Be patient – Performance of db Suppressor is greatly affected by your attention to detail.


  • Using 25% coverage is a myth! Dampeners need to cover at least 50% of the vibrating surface starting from the center of the panel and radiating to the outside edge. 75% coverage will yield better results and 100% coverage will maximize the performance of the db Suppressor.
  • Do not stack layers! This is a waste of your time, money, and material. One layer is all that is required to effectively dampen a panel.


  1. Begin by measuring twice, cutting and fitting the db Suppressor to be installed first. Pro Tip: Use poster board or heavy paper as a template, then transfer the template to the db Suppressor.
  2. Make sure the installation of db Suppressor will not impede the proper operation of any mechanical component.
  3. Be sure to clean the surface of the body panels by cleaning and degreasing them. Give the panel one final wipe with isopropyl alcohol, ammonia based aerosol glass cleaner, or other non-residue leaving cleaner.
  4. Remove the paper release liner and apply the db Suppressor onto the surface. No special tools are required, however a plastic spoon tool may be necessary to form the material onto an irregular shaped surface.
  5. A roller may be useful, although not required, to ensure a good bond to a flat panel (i.e. outer body panel or underside of roof).
  6. Done!

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure | Brochure (printer friendly)

Insulation type: Sound dampener

Base Material: Proprietary

More information coming soon!

Use db Suppressor on:

  • Transmission tunnel
  • Outer body panel skins
  • Floor pan
  • Wheel wells
  • Trunk
  • Fire wall
  • Ceiling/roof panel

Part No Description
040002 12 in x 36 in (5 pack)
040003 12 in x 36 in (10 pack)
040004 12 in x 36 in (20 pack)