Universal Turbo Heat Shield Kit

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Continuous operating temperature of 1800°F, 2200°F intermittent

Capable of reducing up to 60% of radiant heat

Reduces turbo lag, lowers under hood temperatures

Universal kit, fits many turbo applications

Made in the USA

Our Turbo Heat Shield Kit™ can help to increase horsepower and reduce turbo lag while protecting other engine components. Unlike other turbo heat shield kits that use exhaust wrap, our HP Turbo Kit™ features extreme temperature insulation materials, which provides greater heat protection, performance, and durability. Our complete turbo kit includes our extreme temperature turbo blanket and our HP Armor™ for your down pipe, making turbo heat shield insulation kit on the cutting edge of technology and performance. Capable of withstanding 1800°F continuous, our turbo heat shield kit is designed for street performance and even the most hardcore racing applications. Using a simple 2 piece design with comprehensive instructions, installation is simple even for the novice installer.

Download Turbo Kit Instruction Sheet

Required equipment: safety glasses, gloves, dust mask, utility knife, pliers (needle nose), and diagonal pliers.

Optional equipment: long sleeves (highly recommended), needle nose pliers, diagonal pliers

Kit contents: 

  • HP Turbo Blanket (Aluminized cloth stitched, 3 layers material; 9” x 19” Kit number 300000 and 300001 only) 
  • Heatshield Armor™; 10” x 36”; Kit number 300000 and kit number 3000002 only) 
  • 2 Thermal-Ties™ 33” long (Kit number 300000 and 300001 only) 
  • 3 Thermal-Ties™ 14” long (Kit number 300000 and 300002 only)

Before getting started it is important to remember to take the proper precautionary measures. Whenever working with high temperature materials it is important to wear safety goggle, a dust mask and gloves. Be sure to take accurate measurements, a loose fitting turbo blanket will cause premature failure of kit and void the warranty. And as always, it is recommended that you disconnect your negative battery cable before working on your vehicle.

This kit is designed to retain heat in the hot side of the turbo charger on your vehicle. Retaining heat in the hot side of the turbo will allow the exhaust gases to escape the system faster allowing greater exhaust gas air flow and colder air intake temperatures; this increases horsepower. Keeping more heat in the hot side of the turbo will also help keep the turbo “spooled up” which reduces turbo lag and improves throttle response.
For kit number 300002, please wear necessary safety equipment and skip to step number 9.

**Make sure all measurements are accurate, a loose fitting turbo blanket will cause premature failure of turbo kit & void warranty**

  1. Step 1: Be sure to make all measurements as close as possible. A loose fitting turbo blanket may cause premature failure of the kit! Measure around the outside of the exhaust side of the turbo (the hot side) as shown in Figure 1, add ¼” to this measurement, this measurement will be called AB. Use the box located in the lower right hand of drawing on your left to record your measurements.
  2. Step 2: Measure around the wide part of the turbo where it meets the flange as seen in Figure 2. Add ¼” to this measurement, this measurement will be called CD.
  3. Step 3: Measure around the narrow side of the turbo as seen in Figure 3, add ¼” to this measurement, this measurement will be called EF.
  4. Step 4: Using your measurements draw a pattern onto to the 9” x 19” 3 layer piece of material that has aluminized cloth stitched as seen in Figure 4. Cut out your turbo wrap with utility knife or heavy duty pair of scissors.
  5. Step 5: Next you will place a series of marks about a ¼” from the edge of the cut piece of material, Figure 5. Each mark should be between ¼” and ½” apart and about ¼” long.
  6. Step 6: Using a utility knife cut holes through both pieces of material at the marks you made in step 5.
  7. Step 7: Use the (2) 33” long Thermal-Tie™ and thread it through the turbo blanket from steps 4,5, & 6 as seen in Figure 6.
  8. Step 8: Lay the material around the turbo. Start on the side closest to the induction compressor and bunch the blanket around the turbo, fasten the Thermal-Tie™. Use the same process on the other side. When both sides have been bunched, tighten up the ties on last time. When trimming the ties be sure to smooth any sharp edges, doing so will help to prevent damage to the blanket. NOTE: If your turbo uses a wastegate actuating lever it may be necessary to cut a hole through the blanket for the lever to protrude. If you have kit number 300001 you are done, if you have kit number 300000 go to step 9.
  9. Step 9: (Part number 300000 and 300002 only) Wrap your down pipe using the Heatshield Armor 10” x 36” piece of material. It is important to not completely encapsulate the down pipe. We recommend leaving a ¾” to 1” gap between material to allow the down pipe to breathe properly as shown in Figure 7. Attach to pipe using the (3)14” Thermal-Ties™.

PLEASE NOTE: Your turbo kit will smoke after installation, it will eventually stop. Smoke is a normal by product of the curing process; your turbo heat shield will not burst into flames.

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure | Brochure (printer friendly)

Insulation type: Insulator, retains heat

Base material: silica, ceramic, and fiberglass

Color: Chrome/aluminum



Part No Description
300000 Turbo & Downpipe Heat Shield
300001 Turbo Shield Only; 9" x 19"
300002 Downpipe Shield; ½" thick x 10" W x 36" L