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  1. Monday Flying Bye

    Happy Monday, after 5 cups of coffee and some hot sauce, it seems like we are finally getting into the groove here on what appears to be one very busy week!

    Special thanks to Dr. Jackson from John Paul the Great Catholic University for posting about yet another use for Heatshield Products. We was having some heating issues on his RV-10 with the tunnel and firewall getting so hot he couldn’t even touch his leg to it. He used some Lava Shield and some Sticky Shield, and voila much cooler flight! We appreciate his feedback and his clever outside the box use. Looks like we will have to add a kit airplane section to the website soon! Read his full post here.

    What unique use have used Heatshield Products on?

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  2. Where did it go?

    Did you lose something like we did? Where did it go? Another week down? Wow, it’s Friday one less week before SEMA! We will be working after hours, and on the weekends, as we know our builders will be! We have a new YouTube channel, we will actually be trying to update more often, install video’s etc! So be sure to update it and follow us there. Well that’s it back to the grind, less time for SEMA, so we better keep on truckin! So be safe, race hard and fast and most importantly, stay cool.


    #friday, #sema, #monsterenergy, #marcburnett, #keepontruckin,

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  3. Prelude to a Show Part 1

    Just a few very beta items fresh from the skunks works to be featured on some booth vehicles at the upcoming 2013 SEMA Show #turboheatshield for a killer #turboharley and a #rippsuperchargers heat shield cover! We can't wait to see the cars #thergarageinc and #rockstargarage.


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  4. Classic Trucks November 2013

    Happy Monday (if there is such a thing).

    Be sure to check out the November 2013 issue of Classic Trucks! Editor Wes Drelleshak installs some Heatshield Armor along with his Vintage Air AC kit! Adding AC for driver comfort is nice, but keeping heat out of the interior can make it twice as nice. We know Wes abuses his truck so we decided to help him out with the best product available to retain heat inside his exhaust system and keep his truck cool. Heatshield Armor can reduce radiant heat by as much as 70%. Keeping the heat where it belongs can not only improve performance, but enables your AC to not have to struggle as hard to keep you cool!#classictrcusk #heatshieldarmor

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  5. Best Way to Install Exhaust Wrap

    We get a lot of questions here at Heatshield Products, what is the best way to wrap my exhaust or header? Do I need to soak my #exhaustwrap when I install it? The answer is whatever way you feel most comfortable. The most important thing is to take your time and make sure the wrap is tight on the pipe. For a lot of people, soaking will reduce the amount of fibers, making you less itchy allowing you to take your time and do a better job. From a personal standpoint, I’m not a soaker, soaking in a bucket will wash off coatings that need to be heat cycled to cure, soaking can cause up to a 25% loss of the coatings affecting performance and color. Perhaps the best solution is to use a spray bottle with water, wrap and spray as you go. This way you get the benefits of fewer fibers, some of the tackiness of a soak, and minimal loss of the coating! The biggest “Pro Tip” to wrapping a pipe we can offer, after wrapping 12-18”, go back and grab the wrap and twist it tight onto the pipe! If you soaked your wrap, you will

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