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  1. Support Custom Auto

    Wow last week in February already. Someone seriously smashed the throttle on 2014 and they haven't let up. Before things get totally out of hand, we wanted to give some support to Heatshield backed ‪#‎CustomAutoLLC‬ and their effort to compete in the 2014 DPC. In order to qualify we would like you to vote for them in the April issue of ‪#‎DieselPowerMagazine‬. If they get enough votes, they become eligible to compete in the ‪#‎DieselPowerChallenge‬ of 2014. So just like November, be sure you go vote (the Right way) so CA can get out there and smoke the competition.


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  2. Skunk Works Fiday Edition

    Another Friday and after a week of Monday’s this one couldn’t get here soon enough. It has been a wild week here at Heatshield and we are thrashing to make some deadlines. All that being said, you can’t stop and sit on your keester and be happy with the madness. Here is another sneak peek from the skunk works. Duramax turbo manifold heat shields. Headed off to #CustomAuto in Idaho for some serious abuse and testing. stay tuned for availability!


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  3. We Declare War

    Heatshield Products Declares War (On Heat)!! Special thanks to the crew at Power Automedia and that real nice article on their Diesel Army website. We are declaring war on heat. The gloves are coming off in 2014. Check out the article here.

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  4. Danzio Sneek Peak

    HPSticky-Shield-Lava-Turbo_Danzio.jpg Check out the progress on #DanzioPerformance’s Turbo charged trophy truck. They are doing some wild and innovative things in the trophy truck world. Using Heatshield Products has made a lot of it possible. Look at the picture, they shielded... their dry sump tank with our HP Sticky Shield and using our Lava Turbo shield allows them to cram stuff into tight areas. We still think they should have used the Inferno Header Wrap, but it looks cool! How do you keep your vehicle cool?

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  5. Triple Threat for K&N East Opener

    Heatshield backed #BMRNAPA plans triple threat for K&N East Opener this Sunday at Smyrna. BMR entries in the New Smyrna 150 will feature series rookie Nick Drake in the No. 15 NAPA AUTO PARTS Toyota Camry, Brandon McReynolds in the No. 16 NAPA AUTO PARTS Toyota Camry and Patrick Staropoli in the No. 99 PEAK Toyota Camry. Good luck to Bill and his crew, we know you will keep cool!

    “We are ready to get the 2014 season rolling,” said BMR President Bill McAnally. “We are headed to Florida with a very talented lineup of drivers for the K&N East season opener. We did some pre-season testing and look forward to great results this year for NAPA AUTO PARTS and Toyota and also for our fans.”

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