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  1. PTMM-4-28-14

    PTMM-4-28-14 Edition . Well happy Monday. It was a busy weekend for the Heatshield crew, we were down at the Summit Racing Atlanta Motorama and down with Rockstar Garage down at Jeep Week in Florida. The energy is still flowing so we thought wewould jump right into the week and get moving. Today’s post we will be featuring our first install video. We want to give a special shout out and Mahalo to our buddy Stan at Toyo Tires for this one. We are taking a different approach to most of our install videos, we are going to feature other people, race teams, and shops in the videos. This way, you don’t get just our perspective, you can get third party reviews and opinions. Be sure to like and share if you find the video helpful, informative, or just plain like it. We think he did a killer job, what do you think?

    How to Install Exhaust Wrap

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  2. TGIF- 4-25-14 Edition

    TGIF- 4-25-14 Edition. Survived another one, and this one seem like it took forever for Friday to get here. Hopefully your week hasn’t been as long as ours and we hope your weekend doesn’t go by too fast. We won’t get to wrap everything up ...for the week, so we are going to take it easy on the post this weekend and highlight one of the greatest heat shield barriers around, our HP Sticky Shield. It is only 1/8” thick and is perfect to shield the heat from the exhaust and transmission underneath your vehicle. Works really good on those off road applications like Jeeps where the carpet has been removed and the floor board gets hot. Slap a Sticky Shield underneath above the muffler and catalytic converter and go off road without melting your shoes.

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  3. PTMM-4-21-14

    Well back at it after Easter Sunday. This week is already rolling along and the thrash has begun. Weekly goals are set and the wheels of production are in motion. So today, we are going to do a product highlight...our Cobra Skin Exhaust wrap. Proprietary black coating is deep black and it stays deep black, with that killer carbon fiber look! Special weave makes it more easy to wrap around bends than traditional style exhaust wraps and give it a unique high tech look. In addition, it allows the wrap to remain flexible and string even at 1350F! Meaning it won't get brittle and fall apart like some other wraps on the market!

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  4. TGIF – 4-11-14

    TGIF – 4-11-14 edition – A palindrome Friday of sorts, but we have made it through another week. We continue to grind hard, overcoming setbacks and pit falls yet still able to move on ahead up the track and get work done. Today we are featuring a product highlight, our Hot Rod Sleeving. It’s a great wire to prevent vapor lock, hide wiring, and still have a cool old school look with modern heat protection! Click on the link to read more.

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  5. PTTM 4/7/14 Edition

    PTTM 4/7/14 Edition – Wow it’s definitely a Monday. After battling some network problems here this AM we are at it hard and heavy. The world does not stop and the work load certainly multiplies in these kinds of situations, but we power through it and make it better. We had some great new little items pop out of the skunk works. All of you guys with turbos and need some heat shield sleeves for your oil lines stay tuned. We have some products out in the field for testing. Should be a killer looking solution that actually works. We hope your Monday is going much better than ours, so enough for now, back to making magic happen.

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