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  1. TGIF- 5-30-14 Edition

    Wow the weeks fly by but this one was a little ridiculous how quick it went. Granted we lost a day for a great reason, but still we lost a day in the blink of an eye. Because of the tight timeline, we haven’t had a chance to do an in depth post. So today it is a product highlight, Premium Exhaust Wrap. Our Premium Exhaust Wrap is the highest quality fiberglass wrap on the market. It features a tighter weave than the competition and has a higher temperature rating to, 1350F. The new proprietary coating allows us to make it in a real pure white (not off white) and a very deep black that actually keeps its color even after in service. The coating also allows the wrap to remain flexible and strong, even at 1350F. That’s right no more getting brittle and falling off your exhaust pipes. Check out the best exhaust wrap on the planet.

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  2. HWT-5-28-14 Edition

    Short week so we have to compress 5 days’ worth of work into 4 days. So it’s time to haul some you know what and make some magic happen here at Heatshield Products. Today’s topic – HP Stealth Shield. So you've finished your build, have it all painted put together, laid your sound damper, but now that summer is here you are burring your feet from the heat! Have no fear, pop out those seats, roll up your carpet, and stuff some HP Stealth Shield under it. HP Stealth Shield is an engineered fabric to reduce heat inside a vehicle. At only 1/8” thick, it will not cause any fitment issues, and unlike that sound damper, it will actually stop the heat! You can even glue it in above your headliner. Check out this amazing interior heat shield right here.

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  3. PTMM – 5-26-14 Edition

    Okay it’s a way less petal to the metal Monday. We just wanted to take the time to reflect on our country and our #freedom. Remember the #sacrifices current and previous generations have made. #sayaprayer ask God to #bless #merica . Remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, not for you to get a hand out, but for you to have the opportunity to succeed or fail it’s all on you. So when you spend #timewiththefamily and #bbq pause and think about the price paid for your freedom, #freedomisntfree.


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  4. TGIF-5-23-14 Edition

    The 3 day weekend couldn’t have arrived at a better time. We are in a hurry to get the heck outa here and unplug for a few days, but just remember to pause and think and #prayfor those that have made the #ultimatesacrafice for your freedom. Whatever you do this weekend – working on your ride, bbq, headed to the beach was made possible by the great heroes of our nation. While working on your ride be sure to check out our friends over at Race Mart. You can order the full line of #heatshieldproducts and they provide friendly and great customer service!

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  5. HWT-5-21-14

    Is it Friday yet? This week has seen many bumps in the road and we aren’t quite halfway finished with it yet. We are working behind the scenes to produce an explosive video for you to enjoy and we need to try to do something special for SEMA…but we can’t spend anytime worrying about Vegas right now. Check out this picture sent to us from the crew over at #MidWestTruckProducts. We like how they used the #InfernoWrap on the #turbomanifold, #turboheatshield and #lavawrap. a very cool set up for their race truck…literally. Just remember, in the heat of the week, #heatshieldproducts is here to #keepyoucool


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