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  1. *Project Delivered*

    Rockstar Garage has a tall order ahead of them, a basket case SEMA build, 3 months, can it get done? We know it can, being fueled by plenty of Rockstar Energy the SEMA thrash has officially begun.

    Will it get stroker V8 power? Should we add forced induction? Will Nic from RStar lose his mind? Be sure to follow us to find out.

    If you are a company you wants to participate in the build let us know, it will be headed to SEMA and then on a nationwide tour in 2015.


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  2. PTMM- 7-28-14 Edition

    It didn’t feel like much of a weekend because there was a lot of work involved. However, you can’t take over the world sitting on your tail on a couch somewhere. No time to complain as we move officially back to the grind since it is Monday. As you go about your duties in the summer heat keep your AC working at peak performance by shielding your AC lines with our Thermaflect Sleeve. Keeping those lines as cool as possible will deliver cooler air into your vehicles interior, and shielding the heat can prevent the rubber from drying out and increasing the life of your AC line. Click here to get your heat shield sleeve!

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  3. HWT-7-23-14 Edition

    Anyone else feel like they are in the middle of a 12 round bout? it’s been a busy week with lots of challenges, but the silver lining is, we are half way to race day! In order to play you have to work hard first. With that in mind, we are working behind the scenes to keep you cool. Here is a sneak peek at one of the items to launch just in time for SEMA.

    Check it out...


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  4. PTMM-7-21-14- Edition

    s fast as last week was, the weekend went by even faster. Raise your hand if your could use another day!!!! Have you ordered your Header Armor yet? Be the first kid on the block to have the latest and greatest in heat protection without voiding your header’s warranty. We all like to cruise in the summer time and listen to music with the top down or windows wide open. So make sure you can hear that music, be sure you have the latest and greatest sound dampner on the planet, our db Armor.

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  5. TGIF –7-18-14 Edition

    Friday!!!! We made it. This week featured and intense workload and a lot of challenges that we met head on. From the heavy duty trucks to the extreme performance motorcycles we are there for you. To order the best insulation in the business, visit our friends over at New Level Motorsports! They offer great deals, great tech support, and you can get just about anything you need!

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