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  1. Keep the Sound Out AND the Weight

    Keep noise/vibration out of the cabin of your vehicle goes a long way to increasing driving comfort. From eliminating pesky squeaks, rattles and other sounds that natural come from metal parts bolted together, it also means less distraction for the driver, and ability to enjoy the vehicle’s sound system more, or just to have less noise distractions while driving down the road.

    The tradeoff sometimes can be that harmonic damping materials come with a hefty weight penalty, especially when you add up how many square feet of product is need for full coverage of an average vehicle. Adding to that is when the roof of a typical car is lined with said material, which adds weight in the worst place on a car or truck, up high, which negatively affects center of gravity.

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  2. Fun in the Moab Sun at EJS 2016

    Hard to believe it’s been three weeks already since we were exploring the trails and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Moab for EJS2016. Had the usual good time hanging out with friends, fellow enthusiasts, customers, and seeing the variety of Jeeps and other off-road vehicles in town for the event. And we got to see our thermal barrier products being put to the test on the trail in some pretty trying conditions.

    So, we decided to give our followers a chance to show us their off-road rigs, and tell us where Heatshield Products has helped out in keeping things cool while exploring off the civilized lanes of poured asphalt and concrete in areas where a lack of cell reception gives a much needed break from the everyday world, and a chance to just enjoy the beauty of nature.

    Let us know what it was like t

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