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  1. How to Choose the Best Heat-Control Products for Underhood Applications

    If you think all header wraps and thermal barriers are the same, well, we have a special room at our Heatshield headquarters with a car battery and some jumper cables for you! No, not all heat-control products are the same, and beyond the “our product versus theirs” showdown, it can be a bit intimidating to choose the best heat shields for your specific underhood application. What do you use to keep heat in, and to protect components from excessive heat? And what’s the correct heat barrier for specific systems? In our expansive lineup of thermal barriers, there are differences that set each product apart, which leads us to the good/better/best discussion.

    There are quite a few things to consider here. First is whether you’re trying to keep the heat in, or protect the component from heat. The heat shield you use must be designed for this basic, specific purpose, or it won’t work correctly. For example, you’ll want to use header wraps o

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  2. Why Heatshield Armor Should be Part of Your Turbo or Blower Install

    Ok, it’s time to install the turbo kit, centrifugal blower or new exhaust system on your car or truck. Let’s make sure you’ve got everything: Tools, check. Parts, check. Heatshield Armor™…how could you forget Heatshield Armor™?!

    Heatshield Armor™ Should be on Your List Before You Get Started

    Turbos and blowers make power, but most of them also generate a great deal of heat. A turbocharger is integrated into the exhaust system, making it an extremely hot spot. On centrifugal blower kits like those from Vortech or ProCharger, even though the blower itself is driven by the engine, all the system’s intake piping is in/near the engine and radiator, which means more heat exposure. Using turbo heat shields controls that heat, keeping it inside the system for more power and out of the engine bay, where it c

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