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  1. How Turbo Shields, Turbo Blankets and Heat Shields Improve Your Turbo Install

    Turbochargers are great ways to squeeze more horsepower out of an engine, but turbos keep a lot of heat in the engine compartment. Turbo shields and turbo blankets control that heat and keep it where it should be – inside the feed system for the turbocharger – for maximum efficiency and performance. At the same time, proper heat shields protect components near the turbo system from damage, and can improve the performance of the cooling system, air conditioning, brakes and so on.

    Here are areas where using thermal barriers can make your turbo install better.

    The Turbo Itself

    The exhaust side of the turbo is the cast iron housing that the exhaust gas passes through and spins the intake side of the turbo where the real magic happens and intake air is compressed before entering the engine. Just like the feed piping, keeping as much heat as possible in this part of the turbo is crucial for maximum performance. That’s where a good, high-

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  2. Heatshield Products Holiday Gift Guide

    I-M Shield

    What’s the best gift for the holidays? MORE POWER! And with I-M Shield you can give the gift of almost 20 more horsepower and pound-feet of torque for bargain basement pricing with our I-M Shield kit. And if you’re wondering just how good the results are, you can read about Vette Mag

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