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  1. The Dung Beetle and Azn at SEMA 2017

    The 2017 SEMA Show will be here before you know it, and if you’re you will be at the event, you need to make stopping by the Heatshield Products booth a top priority! In addition to learning about the best thermal and acoustic barriers on the market, you can meet Street Outlaws’ Azn, along with a chance to see his famous turbocharged VW, aptly dubbed the Dung Beetle.

    Built with the help of the Rancho Performance team, the Dung Beetle is a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle with a built VW flat-four with CB Performance internals that cranks out serious power, thanks to a Turbonetics T3/T4 turbocharger. The engine has Haltech EFI (tuned by RIP Tuning), a custom exhaust and turbo intake by Furo Racecraft, a chassis and cage built by Ron Lummus Racing, and a Rancho four-speed gearbox. The exterior finish of paint and

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  2. Protect Your Turbo and Intake System with the Lava Turbo Plug™

    We’re more than just heat-control specialists. At Heatshield Products, we put our passion for performance vehicles to work by proactively finding new ways to use our thermal-barrier materials. After recent discussions with our friends in the turbocharger market, we saw a need for a turbo plug.

    Why? Here’s something we see far too often: People will close off the turbo with a wadded-up shop rag or similar DIY hack. But this “solution” could create multiple problems. For starters, if the turbo is very hot, the rag could ignite and start a fire. Or, if the rag is forgotten, it could get sucked through the turbo and air intake when the engine starts up. And here’s the harshest reality of all: The rag method does NOTHING to keep out moisture or airborne debris, especially if the open turbo is on a vehicle or boat being towed on an open trailer. All these scenarios could cause catastrophic damage to the turbocharger, intake system or engine.

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