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  1. Ditch the Itch and Control the Heat with Heatshield Armor™

    Fiberglass itch—that annoying byproduct of handling typical exhaust wraps or automotive thermal insulators. What could be more annoying? Seeing someone take up two parking spaces for one car? Celine Dion singing Christmas carols on your doorstep? Clowns?

    Well, whatever might be more annoying, what you need is a thermal insulator to keep heat in the exhaust and out of the engine bay without giving you the itch. That’s why we came developed Heatshield Armor™ and Lava Header Armor™. These products control the heat without the use of fiberglass.

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  2. Keep Cool on Your Motorcycle Using Heatshield Products

    What’s more exhilarating then enjoying a cruise on your motorcycle? Feeling the wind across your body as you enjoy the freedom of the open road. Feeling the heat on the inside of your legs or your riding boots melting…well, not so much.

    Heat from the motorcycle engine can ruin your fun and cause performance and reliability issues. But this is preventable, especially when you use thermal barriers from Heatshield Products to keep ambient heat under control.

    Here are some simple ways to use our products:

    Exhaust Pipes

    ABOVE: Motorcycle exhaust pipes can be a huge ambient heat source. On top of that, if the pipes aren’t stylized/finished, they can end up looking nasty after constant exposure to the elements. Installing a high-quality exhau

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