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  1. Time to Update Your Racing, Cruising or Off-Road Spare Parts Kit

    As the cold weather begins to subside throughout most of the country, it heralds the start of a new season of cruising, racing, off-roading and general automotive fun.

    It also means going through your track, cruise, off-road or whatever kit-of-things you carry along for in case things go awry. In addition to the usual fare of tools and duct tape, consider adding these items from Heatshield Products, which can be real lifesavers.

    HP Racer’s Tape

    Around our office, we nicknamed HP Racer’s Tape™ MacGyve

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  2. Keeping Your Airbox Cooler Using Heatshield Products

    When it comes to performance, cool air is one of the biggest factors. Cooler air is more dense, so during induction more oxygen is sucked into the cylinders. The more air in the cylinders, the more power an engine can make. With fuel injected engines, cool air also effects how the computer controls the ignition system.

    All modern fuel injected engines have air intake temperature sensors. The name is self-explanatory. The temperature of the air entering the engine is measured, and the ECM then makes the necessary adjustment to ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, and more to keep the engine operating within its set parameters. How much does warmer air affect this?

    Mainly it’s ignition timing that comes into play when air intake temperatures start to rise. When air intake temps get too warm and there’s a risk of detonation, the ECM will reduce ignition timing to guard against detonation occurring. Just one degree of reduced timing can cost you

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