We've got a lot of great products to help control heat. Keeping heat out, keeping heat in, protecting things from heat, whatever you're trying to do that involves heat, 99 percent of the time Heatshield Products has got what you need to put heat in its place. And while we're always working on new products to control heat, the work never stops to find news way to employ the high performance thermal barriers we already have. Case in point, or HP Torch Blanket™.

HP Torch Blanket™ is great for repair welding on equipment and cars without having to take everything apart to protect it from heat and welding splatter. Made of our specially formulated Stealth Felt welding blanket material, HP Torch Blanket™ is more durable and longer lasting than the typical leather welding blankets, able to withstand 1800 degrees F of continuous heat. But even if you're not welding, HP Torch Blanket™ can be a handy item to have when you're working on a hot engine, or near a hot exhaust system when you just don't have the time to let things cool off, like in between rounds at the racetrack, on the side of the road stuck in a tough spot, or while tuning an engine and you need it hot for proper settings, like valve lash, carb settings, timing, etc. Just lay HP Torch Blanket™ across the hot surface you're working near to help protect yourself from burns and make hot things a lot more comfortable to work on. It's available in multiple pre-made sizes, folds easily and can be stored in your trunk, tool kit, or behind a seat until you need it.