As the cold weather begins to subside throughout most of the country, it heralds the start of a new season of cruising, racing, off-roading and general automotive fun.

It also means going through your track, cruise, off-road or whatever kit-of-things you carry along for in case things go awry. In addition to the usual fare of tools and duct tape, consider adding these items from Heatshield Products, which can be real lifesavers.

HP Racer’s Tape

Around our office, we nicknamed HP Racer’s Tape™ MacGyver Tape.” It is extremely handy for emergencies and those unexpected temporary repairs that usually accompany the phrase “Oh, sh*t!”

Made from a self-emulsifying silicone material, HP Racer’s Tape can be used on leaking radiator and heater hoses. It also provides enough direct-contact heat protection that it is great for protecting wire looms, fuel lines and spark plug wires from heat damage. The tape sticks to itself, creating a rugged bond. Plus, it never hardens because of its silicone makeup, so it will bend with rubber hoses and other flexible surfaces.

HP Thermal-Tie

The stainless steel HP Thermal-Tie is fantastic for securing items near heat sources or other elements that would destroy a plastic zip tie. The low-profile design will thread through tight spaces, and it is available in 5/16- and 3/16-inch widths and in five different lengths.

Thermaflect Tape

Thermaflect Tape™ is a high-temp adhesive backing that can be installed almost anywhere. Having a 1,100-degree F continuous radiated heat rating means superior protection for whatever you need to shield from heat exposure. It can also withstand up to 500 degrees of direct heat contact. It’s easy to wrap around wiring harness bundles, fluid lines, spark plug wires and other components and surfaces where heat is an issue.

NOMAR™ Carbon Fiber Pipe Wrenches

If you have AN fittings on your vehicle, you’ll want to have a pair of lightweight NOMAR™ Carbon Fiber Wrenches in your travel kit. They’ll fit -6, -8, -10 and -12 AN fittings and will not damage the aluminum fitting or damage the fitting’s anodized finish.