Winter is the perfect season for major automotive projects and improvements since the weather is often not conducive to cruising or driving your hot rod or muscle car on salty, icy roads. And while you’re working on a project is the perfect time to add Heatshield Products thermal barriers and acoustic barriers to your interior and engine compartment.

Interior Work

Having the interior out of the car for project work is a good time to install an acoustic barrier on your floorpan, footwell and firewall to block out unwanted heat and noise.

The perfect time to add an acoustic barrier is while installing a new interior or removing the existing one for sheetmetal or wiring work.

While the floor is bare metal is a good opportunity to install our db Stealth Armor™. db Stealth Armor is both a thermal barrier and acoustic barrier in one easy-to-install product. It’s a combination of db Armor™ and HP Stealth Shield™ and weighs only .652 pounds per square foot, so you’re not adding a bunch of deadweight. Its high-temperature adhesive backing installs easily on floor and trunk pans, and at only .176 inch thick, it won’t cause fitment issues with the carpet. You can also add db Stealth Armor on the inside of your roof before reinstalling the headliner to block heat from the top side.

Heatshield Products offers these advanced acoustic barriers:

  • db Armor – This is the most effective stick-on sound insulation on the market. It’s 20 percent lighter than extreme sheets and provides 1.5 times the sound-insulation capacity.
  • db Suppressor – This stick-on damping sheet has a 10 percent weight savings.
  • db Skin – This is a lightweight, liquid sound coating. It goes on purple but dries black. Spray, roll or brush it onto a clean, primed surface.
  • db Sniper – This is great for road noise frequencies and exhaust drone. Use it with a stick-on damping sheet to achieve a luxury-vehicle level of sound insulation.

Installing db Defender™ behind door panels blocks noise and dampens vibrations that create annoying harmonics, and it also acts as a moisture barrier to protect your door panels and interior from dampness.

While the door panels are out, you can install db Defender™ between the door panel and metal. Far superior to wax paper-type material, db Defender™ dampens vibrations to block road noise and annoying harmonics, while serving as a moisture barrier to prevent dampness from ruining your door panels and getting inside the vehicle. Its adhesive backing is a special acrylic formula that’s impervious to water and harsh chemicals, so it can handle exposure to the elements without any problems. And at only .125 inch thick, db Defender fits behind door and other interior panels without causing fitment issues.

The Engine Compartment

Yanking the engine over the winter for a refresh or replacement? Now is when you’ll also want to head off possible thermal issues that could arise during summer cruising season.

Lava Shield™ makes your firewall look more appealing and prevents engine-compartment heat from intruding into the interior.

Lava Shield™ is designed to shield the firewall from heat radiating from the engine and exhaust. It’s made from a specially formulated, proprietary volcanic-rock–based material, making it capable of withstanding constant 1,200 degrees F of radiant heat and intermittent temps of 2,000 degrees F. The special fibers give it a high-tech, high-performance, carbon-fiber appearance. And with a high-temp adhesive backing and sheet design that’s easy to trim, installing Lava Shield is a breeze.

Shielding wiring and fluid lines from heat and other elements with Lava Tube could eliminate vapor lock and protect against heat damage that could leave you stranded.

Lava Tube has been engineered to protect wiring harnesses from heat, oil/chemicals/solvents, abrasion and general exposure, and can also be to protect fuel, hydraulic and A/C lines. Thanks to high-temp hook-and-loop fastening being built in, Lava Tube installs easily around wires, lines and hoses, so you won’t have to take apart the harness or unplug anything.

We have so many products to make your hot rod or muscle car cooler and quieter, but we can’t fit everything into one blog post! Stayed tuned for part 2, in which we’ll show you other areas to install our products while you’re doing your winter projects!