Heatshield Products 2018 Year in Review

We try to keep our Heatshield blog informative and helpful, but as we close out the year, we felt that a fun look back at 2018 was in order.

Too Many to Count  

Heatshield Products Chris Schwartz

The number of times we’ve made “Use the Schwartz” and other Spaceballs jokes about our new sales guy Chris Schwartz. Didn’t help when he told us he doesn’t like yogurt, even with strawberries.

1,726 Times…

Beer Flight

The number of times we were tempted to enjoy carbs while on the KETO diet. It’s a cruel world when you’re on a zero-carb diet. For a while it seemed like every commercial on TV involved carbs. Delicious French fries, donuts, pancakes, ice cold beer from the land of sky blue waters, two all-beef patties with special sauce lettuce cheese on a sesame seed bun, Jack in the Box tacos.

271 Times…

Cannonball Run Movie Poster

…that we’ve watched Smokey and the Bandit, White Lightning, Hooper, Cannonball Run, The Longest Yard, Gator, Stroker Ace and Sharkey’s Machine since Burt Reynolds passed away. Not that we couldn’t already recite most of these line for line, but it just seemed the right way to pay tribute to The Bandit.

And Looking Forward to 2019

Michele Abbate HP Racing RC Car

Who will be the first to get yelled at for having too much fun during work hours in the warehouse and in the parking lot while racing Michele Abbate’s new HPI Racing RC car around and seeing who can cut the fastest time.

Now that the wagon is almost finished…

1965 Ford F100

…Which ride are we going to get done next, the 1965 F100 or 1966 Mustang? While the Mustang is going to get a full pro touring treatment, right now it seems the F-100 is going to be a bit more radical and get a major transplant from a late-model Crown Vic including suspension and drivetrain. Sorry, I-beam suspension fans!

An Adventure for 2019

Moab Jeep Trail

Can’t wait to see what fun we’ll have in 2019, and definitely anxious to enjoy some of the vistas and beauty of our country. Going off-roading also gives us a great chance to do some product testing and show people the real difference our thermal barriers and insulation make.