If you’ve ever been to the King of the Hammers event deep in the California desert, you know it is a brutal torture test of man and off-road machine. It’s also entertaining as hell!

Recently we got a recap from King of the Hammers competitor and Heatshield Products user Tony Pellegrino from Gen Right Off Road Inc. about his team’s exploits at the recent 2016 event:

“This year’s King of the Hammers race lived up to its claim of being ‘The toughest race in America!’

Jami (Pellegrino)’s UTV race was on Wednesday and was going well, when at mile 100 of 116 a rear suspension bolt came out and broke the rear shock and axle shaft, taking them out of the race.

Jordan (Pellegrino)’s race was on Thursday and he drove like a champ! At age 17 he piloted his new MOD Class car to a 2nd place finish only 45 seconds behind the winner, very close for this race!

My 4400 Class race was on Friday. We started 94th off the line and by mile 90 had passed 80 other racers! My crew chief radio’d us to let us know we were running at the same pace as the leader and with time adjustment we would be in 1st. The car was running good and we knew we could continue at the pace we set until the finish. But at mile 98 of 178 we experienced a catastrophic failure, resulting in a high speed six tumble ride that brought our day to an end. I broke my wrist and hurt my knee, but feel lucky to be alive!”

We’re glad Tony was ok after his accident, and know he’ll be working to get healed up and ready so he can get behind the wheel ASAP, along with already getting started on his plan for the 2017 King of the Hammers event. The team runs Heatshield Products’ Sticky Shield, Fire Shield Sleeve, Hot Rod Sleeve, Lava Wrap, and Heatshield Armor on its competition rigs. And to learn more about the great off-road products Gen Right offers for enthusiasts, check out the website at http://www.genright.com/default.aspx