It’s a new year and time to shake off the rust and kick some butt. We receive a lot of tech questions here at Heatshield Products, and we had a great one over the break. Here it is: “I have a cold air intake on my truck. The intake tubing is metal. It gets very hot. I`m thinking besides the increased airflow its probably not doing much in the way of cooling incoming air. What would you recommend using to insulate the tubing from heat? Thanks Geoff” This is a smart guy who can see a problem. Some aftermarket intakes can actually soak up heat, even the plastic ones. So how to you make that “cold air intake” a real cold air intake, try our Thermaflect Sleeve (also in a Velcro), this acts as a real heat shield for that cold air intake. You can also try the Thermaflect Cloth on the air box or for irregular shaped air intakes. Adding heat shields to existing components can greatly improve their efficiency.