During the Spring the Heatshield Products R&D team was hard at work on new products, ranging from some new thermal barrier materials, our recipe for a good tasting beer that helps you lose weight, ovenless brownies, and our moon mounted planetary laser system. In the meantime, we've got a couple of smaller products that are finished up and now available to show you.

HP Power Anchor

Installing and removing your Heatshield Armor Series exhaust insulation is now a lot easier with our new into a removable jacket with our universal HP Power Anchor kit. Each kit includes a lacing hook, speed washer, and blind rivet. All are made from high quality stainless steel making them both strong and corrosion resistant. HP Power Anchor works with any one of the Heatshield Armor, Muffler Armor, or Header Armor kits. Use the Power Anchor kit enables you to turn your exhaust heat shield installation into a professional OEM style removable jacket. This means if you ever have to remove your Heatshield Armor product while working on you engine or exhaust system, it can be done quickly and easily, then reinstalled just as easily when you're finished. The only tool you need for install is a standard rivet gun, which can be found just about anywhere tools are sold.

License Plate Shield

A rattling license plate isn't just the source of annoying noise, but a potential threat to your paint or chrome finish on your bumper. Our new LP Shield is made from our specially formulated acoustic damping material that's only 0.125 inch thick so it can easily install on the back of a license plate or license plate frame to both stop rattling and protect your chrome or paint from the damage those rattling pieces of metal can cause. LP Shield is resistant to the elements and UV exposure so it will not deteriorate, and fits license plates from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and most South American countries.