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  1. Heatshield Products Across the Pond

    Controlling heat, improving performance and protecting components from heat knows no borders. The same heat issues we face in the U.S. are the same as those faced by fellow enthusiasts all over the world.

    We recently had a chance to visit Old Hall Performance (OHP), based in the Coventry area of the U.K. The company offers high-quality automotive performance products throughout the European market. It is also the primary outlet for our English cousins to get Heatshield Products exhaust insulation and thermal barriers for their rides and race cars. Established in 2005, OHP has built an arsenal of experience in the automotive aftermarket, from street performance to racing.

    Miles (background) and Guy (foreground) are the men on the ground for

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  2. Controlling Underhood Heat on a Jeep Wrangler 4.0 – Part I

    The Jeep 4.0L inline-six was the last true Jeep/AMC engine design before Chrysler bought everything and folded it into the Pentastar family. It was the final derivative of the old 4.2 inline-six and debuted in the 1987 model year. It’s last year in an American Jeep would be 2006, when the TJ Wrangler ended production. But you’re not here for a history lesson, so for the complete background on the 4.0L click HERE.

    What does this have to do with heat?

    The 4.0L is a massive hunk of cast iron American greatness. But all that cast iron means it’s a giant heat source under the hood, and once it gets hot it holds that heat for a while. And everything around it underhood soaks up all that heat, which can negatively affect performance, reliability, and component life. But with some application of Heatshield Products thermal barriers, the amo

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  3. Will a Turbo Four Cylinder Be Good in a Full Size Truck?

    During the Spring the Heatshield Products R&D team was hard at work on new products, ranging from some new thermal barrier materials, our recipe for a good tasting beer that helps you lose weight, ovenless brownies, and our moon mounted planetary laser system. In the meantime, we've got a couple of smaller products that are finished up and now available to show you.

    HP Power Anchor

    Installing and removing your Heatshield Armor Series exhaust insulation is now a lot easier with our new into a removable jacket with our universal HP Power Anchor kit. Each kit includes a lacing hook, speed washer, and blind rivet. All are made from

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  4. Keeping Your Airbox Cooler Using Heatshield Products

    When it comes to performance, cool air is one of the biggest factors. Cooler air is more dense, so during induction more oxygen is sucked into the cylinders. The more air in the cylinders, the more power an engine can make. With fuel injected engines, cool air also effects how the computer controls the ignition system.

    All modern fuel injected engines have air intake temperature sensors. The name is self-explanatory. The temperature of the air entering the engine is measured, and the ECM then makes the necessary adjustment to ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, and more to keep the engine operating within its set parameters. How much does warmer air affect this?

    Mainly it’s ignition timing that comes into play when air intake temperatures start to rise. When air intake temps get too warm and there’s a risk of detonation, the ECM will reduce ignition timing to guard against detonation occurring. Just one degree of reduced timing can cost

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  5. Introducing Cold-Gold Shield™ – Great Heatshield Performance and Good Looks that Last!

    The Cold-Gold Shield™ from Heatshield Products was specially designed to protect against and deflect radiant heat, as well as look like the kind of show-quality material you would see on a car in a prestigious competition, such as the Detroit Autorama Ridler award! And it’s designed to be easily cut with ordinary scissors. No matter what area or shape on the vehicle, or how tight the clearance is, you can install Cold-Gold Shield™ with minimum fuss.

    Other “gold” thermal-barrier products on the market are inefficient when it comes to deflecting heat, and their gold finish doesn’t hold up to long-term heat exposure. Cold-Gold Shield™ provides true thermal protection, including against direct exposure to flames. Made from exclusive TruGold™ thermal-barrier materials, Cold-Gold Shield™ won’t degrade after long-term heat exposure. It can take constant ambient temp

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