Until the LS engine came out in the fall of 1996, getting big power and displacement in a Chevrolet engine meant a big-block over a small-block. Small-blocks at the time were just starting to reliably pass the 400ci mark, but the cost of a big-inch small-block was high. If you were building a serious car, that meant a big-block under the hood. Then when the LS arrived, the sun began to set on the venerable big-block Chevy.

Recently, we were on the phone with a customer who has a big-block Chevy-powered car with large-diameter headers. He was tired of the work involved with removing the starter at least once a year because the headers kept cooking it. A simple fix was one of the more popular thermal barriers from Heatshield Products, the Lava Starter Shield™, and it typically doesn’t require removal of the starter for installation.

Lava Starter Shield wraps around the

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