1. SEMA Sneak Peak

    Another week in the can! We have been busy attempting to prepare ourselves for SEMA. We have a lot of new products in development that don’t look like they will make! A revolutionary way to keeping your interior cool and some big changes to those that need a Gucci look with amazing performance insulation performance! Alas, those will have to wait for after SEMA, but we will still be featuring some new products at SEMA. Our HP increasing I-M Shields new revolutionary db Armor and whatever else we can get propaganda printed and ready for. It looks like our booth vehicle builders are doing much better than we are as far as prep goes…


    We didn’t know they were going to color coordinate!

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  2. *Project Delivered*

    Rockstar Garage has a tall order ahead of them, a basket case SEMA build, 3 months, can it get done? We know it can, being fueled by plenty of Rockstar Energy the SEMA thrash has officially begun.

    Will it get stroker V8 power? Should we add forced induction? Will Nic from RStar lose his mind? Be sure to follow us to find out.

    If you are a company you wants to participate in the build let us know, it will be headed to SEMA and then on a nationwide tour in 2015.


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  3. PTMM -7-14-14 - Edition

    Who else had a weekend that was too short? No time to cry about it now time to get moving. We are right smack dab in the middle of summer and it is heating up. What are you doing to keep your cool? If you are like our friends at Double D’s racing you are insulating your race farings on your sport bike. Check out the terrific install using a combo of Heatshield Mat for the radiant heat and the Lava Shield for the areas that come in direct contact with exhaust. Drew how did you and your crew chief do this weekend?


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  4. HWT-6-18-14 Edition

    HWT-6-18-14 edition. In the blink of an eye this week was half way gone. If you happen to be in the DC area this weekend, be sure to check out Heatshield backed Rhys Millen driving in the Red Bull Rally cross at RFK Stadium. The first time motorsports has been in DC for over a decade! Maybe all the rumbling will get those clowns to actually do something good for the people. Anyway be sure to watch and cheer on Rhys!

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  5. Twin Turbo Trophy Truck

    This is what a twin turbo trophy truck looks like (before she gets all dressed up anyway). Check out the full press release on #DanzioPerformance’s Trophy Truck. This beast features innovations everywhere, and Heatshield Products was proud to be a part of the build and make a lot of those things possible. Keeping heat in those #Turbonetics turbos preventing the nuclear meltdown with our #LavaTurboShields. #HPStickyShield to keep heat away, #HeatshieldArmor and #LavaExhaust Wrap to keep the heat in. We want to know when is our turn behind the wheel? Good luck at the #Mint400 Josh.


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