NOMAR Carbon Fiber AN Wrenches

NOMAR - The No Scratch Carbon Fiber AN Wrench

  • Lightweight carbon fiber wrenches feature impressive strength but won’t scratch or mar finish on AN fittings

  • Built in magnet makes for easy storage and accessibility in shop and track environments

  • Available to fit -6, -8, -10 and -12 AN fittings

  • Made in the USA

Sku Description UPC
940012 -10 and -12 Combo AN Wrench 819825014433
940013 -6, -8, -10, and -12 AN Wrench Set 819825014440
940011 -6 and -8 Combo AN Wrench 819825014426

Heatshield Products NOMAR™ Carbon Fiber Pipe Wrenches are probably the coolest AN wrenches ever made. Now you can tighten aluminum AN hose-end fittings properly and without fear of scratching and ruining the anodized finish.< /p>

Regular AN fitting wrenches are made from aluminum or similar alloys. While these are gentler than standard wrenches, they can still scratch and ruin the finish of AN fittings while trying to tighten them to proper torque spec. Heatshield Products NOMAR™ wrenches combine a unique design with carbon-fiber construction to virtually eliminate the possibility of scratching aluminum AN fittings. NOMAR™ AN wrenches are feather-light, so carrying them on your person or in your toolbox adds minimal weight.< /p>

The unique Heatshield Products Carbon Core technology gives NOMAR™ wrenches the ability to take up to one and a half times the torque necessary to properly tighten the various sizes of AN fittings. Every NOMAR™ wrench has a magnet built into it, making for easy storage on the side of a steel toolbox, workbench or nearly anywhere.

Heatshield Products NOMAR™ AN wrenches are available individually or in a complete AN fitting wrench set.

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