• Capable of reducing running temperatures by as much as 15°F

  • Once quart makes 3 gallons and 1 quart of racing coolant

  • Will not leave residue like antifreeze, completely dries

  • Made in the USA

-18℃ Intermittent
Sku Description UPC
900000 1 Qt 689466469820

RACECOOL performance coolant is specifically formulated for today's high performance applications, including aluminum components. The best answer is that everyone is not a RACER or a HOT RODDER. The family van and drive to work cars don't typically need better heat transfer like a High Performance Engine. RACECOOL performance coolant is not for the average driver or the average engine. It is for the RACER and HOT RODDER. It is designed not as antifreeze but rather as a race coolant. Its primary purpose is to extract heat while protecting metals. RACECOOL has a pH of 10.5 and is a phosphate free low silicate formulation providing the best protection against aluminum degradation. RACECOOL has also completed extensive ASTM testing at Amalgatech laboratories which includes ASTM-D 1384 glassware test ("see PIC"), ASTM-D 2908 water pump see water pump (PIC). and ASTM-D 3306. By doing this accredited laboratory testing, as well as real world applications, we believe RACECOOL is absolutely the best high performance race coolant available to racers and riders.

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

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