HP Torch Blanket

Welding and Torch Blanket - HD Torch Shield

  • Protects components while repairs are made

  • Some models include grommets or magnets

  • Okay for torch to touch blanket

  • Made in the USA

1800°F 982℃ CONTINUOUS
2000°F 1093℃ Intermittent
Sku Description UPC
931018 18 in x 18 in with Grommets 819825013832
931019 18 in x 18 in 819825013849
931020 18 in x 18 in with keyhole 819825013856
931025 26 in x 36 in 819825013863
931053 53 in x 72 in 819825013870

HP Torch Blanket™ makes it convenient to perform repair welds on industrial equipment and vehicles without disassembly. This can reduce production downtime by not having to turn off equipment, or return vehicles to the shop, saving time during race preparation. The industrial heat blanket material can even be used as a blaze barrier for welding pipes or tubes together. HP Torch Blanket™ is made of our Stealth Felt welding blanket material, making it more durable and longer lasting than traditional welding blankets (up to 10 times more compared to leather blankets). We have included brass grommets at the corners to make it handy to mount anywhere a quick repair is needed. You can even use the HP Torch Blanket™ as a blaze barrier when sweating or welding pipes around the house or on the construction site. The HP Torch Blanket™ is black with a dark gray binder, and is capable of withstanding 1,800 degrees F continuous heat. Custom sizes are available.

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