HP Welding Jacket

Industrial Welding Jacket

  • Prevents welding fatigue and injuries, by making welder comfortable

  • Will reject sparks, oil, chemicals

  • Open back design

  • Made in the USA

Slag -18℃ Intermittent
Sku Description UPC
933001 XL Grey N/A
933002 XXL Grey N/A

Our HP Welding Jacket™ is constructed from a rugged, high-temperature material that protects you while being flexible enough to move around in and get the job done. Made from our HP Weld Mat™, our welding clothing is abrasion-resistant and impervious to liquid. The open-back design allows these welding coats to breathe while protecting the front and shoulders from slag. The HP carbon fiber Welding Jacket™ also provides protection against metal splashes, flames, sparks and UV radiation, and is non-combustible.

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