db Suppressor - Lightweight Sound Damper

Light weight sound insulation

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  • Lightweight, weighs 10% less than comparable mats with superior dampening ability

  • Use sheer force to reduce or eliminate vibration

  • May be moved and reinstalled

  • Weight: 0.48 lbs ft²

  • 0.060" thick

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
040002 12 in x 36 in (5 pack)
040003 12 in x 36 in (10 pack)
040004 12 in x 36 in (20 pack)

db Suppressor™ is a technologically advanced sound insulation for cars that offers superior damping performance while weighing 10 percent less than similar products, yet possessing superior sonic energy-loss capacity. db Suppressor™ assists in reducing automotive interior noise levels and improves performance from auto sound systems by limiting panel resonance (vibration), making it the perfect sound insulation for cars. This sound dampener uses sheer force to reduce or eliminate vibration and features a lightweight butylene layer that is bonded to a 4mm anodized aluminum sheet. The butylene layer is loaded with a proprietary blend of ceramic micro-spheres, which reduce overall product weight and increase resistance to heat. The adhesive layer is very aggressive, and the bond will actually improve over time with a sound dampener like db Suppressor™.

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Insulation type: Sound damper

Base Material: Proprietary

More information coming soon!

Use db Suppressor on:

  • Transmission tunnel
  • Outer body panel skins
  • Floor pan
  • Wheel wells
  • Trunk
  • Fire wall
  • Ceiling/roof panel

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