Gold Header Armor - Gold Header Exhaust Heat Shield

Gold Header Heat Shield

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  • Gold Header Armor is easily trimmed and wrapped around headers

  • Heatshield exclusive BioCool™ and TruGold™ technology

  • Compliant with most header manufacturer's warranties

  • Kits include Inconel wire for installation

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
177704 Gold Header Heat Shield 1/4 in thk x 18 in x 24 in
177705 Gold Header Heat Shield 1/4 in thk x 18 in x 24 in (x2)
177714 Gold Header Heat Shield 1/2 in thk x 18 in x 24 in
177715 Gold Header Heat Shield 1/2 in thk x 18 in x 24 in (x2)
177721 Gold Header Armor 1/2 in thk x 24 in x 38 in (x2)

Gold Header Armor is the ultimate heat and show stopper. This header heat shield features two Heatshield Product exclusive technologies coming together. The “business end” is the BioCool™ insulation that makes this gold header exhaust heat shield capable of withstanding 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. We use a proprietary process to bind it to our Cold-Gold™ shield giving you the ultimate way to look and stay cool.

Using an exhaust heat shield like Gold Header Armor™ reduces underhood temperatures as much as 60 percent. This lowers your air intake temperatures giving you more power. In addition the hotter exhaust gases flow out of the system faster. Using the Gold Heatshield on your header or turbo manifold allows you to insulate heat in a warranty friendly way. By covering one side of the manifold you are allowing the pipes breathe in accordance with most header manufacturer’s warranties.

Gold Header Wrap cuts effortlessly with heavy-duty scissors or utility knife, making it simple to install. It wraps around header pipes of small or large diameters, and removal of the headers is not necessary for installation on many vehicles. . Kits are available for single headers and pairs of headers, and all kits include a small spool of HP Tie Wire™ to secure the Gold Header Armor™

You can keep your Gold Header Armor™ looking show quality, by wiping it down with a diluted solution of a bio-degradable degreaser.

Patent Pending

Coming May 2017

Download Header Armor Instruction Sheet

If you are not going to cover the collector on the header, you must stop the Header Armor 6 inches from the collector. Heatshield Products Strongly recommends you cover one entire side of your header or manifold including the collector. Failure to do so will cause some portions to cool more quickly than others. This can result in separations at the welds on the collector.

Covering one entire side (collector included) of the header will ensure long header life and should remain in compliance with most manufacturer’s warranty policies.

SDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure


Insulation Type: Insulator - Designed to be put directly on heat source to keep in

Use Header Armor on:

  • Headers
  • Turbo manifold
  • Exhaust manifold

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