HD Inferno Wrap

HD Inferno Wrap

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  • Rated for 2000°F continuous use, 3000°F intermittent

  • Reduces under hood temperatures up to 50%

  • Perfect for DPF applications

  • Great turbo manifold wrap

  • Header heat wrap rolls are 1/16 inch thick

  • Proudly made in the USA

Part No Description
HD32512 1 in x 50 ft Roll
HD32522 2 in x 50 ft Roll
HD32523 2 in x 100 ft Roll
HD32543 4 in x 100 ft Roll

Unlike fiberglass and basalt (volcanic) exhaust wraps (which should be advertised at a 1200°F operating temperature); our Inferno Wrap is made from silica yarn making this header wrap soft, strong, and flexible while operating at its designed operating temperature of 2000°F continuous . It will sustain the extreme temperatures that your glowing pipes from the turbo, down pipe, manifold, or DPF applications require. Simply put there is not an insulating wrap on the market that will take higher temperatures and last longer. In fact this header wrap can withstand intermittent temperatures of 3000°F, making it the best wrap to be used on your tier 4 diesel application. You can actually wrap the exhaust with Inferno Wrap, run it, heat it up, and then unwrap Inferno Wrap when needed. Wrap or "coil" Inferno Wrap around your header pipe, using overlap to hold itself in place (like a hockey stick or tennis racket grip) use our Thermal-Tie, hose clamps, or wire to secure ends in place.

Our Inferno Wrap is asbestos free and is made from a base high quality silica yarn. This thermal exhaust wrap is noncombustible, it is also water and fungus resistant. Always wear gloves, safety glasses and dust mask when handling this product, long sleeves are also recommended.

Download Exhaust Wrap Instruction Sheet

How much do you need? Click here for our exhaust wrap calculator

Required equipment: safety glasses, dust mask, gloves

Optional equipment: long sleeves (highly recommended), water spray bottle or bucket, needle nose pliers, diagonal pliers

  1. Keep in mind; wrapping headers and exhaust pipes requires patience. Going slow and taking your time will help to make the wrap as tight as possible and that will hold the wrap on the pipe better and retain the most heat in the system. (If you are installing wrap on a powersport application, we recommend a 50% overlap in place of the ¼” overlap during the installation process).
  2. Optional: Soak in bucket of water or spray exhaust wrap with water (Figure 1). Soaking and spraying exhaust wrap can make installation easier and also reduce the amount of fibers. It is not recommended to wet HP Color Wrap (ceramic coating needs to be heat cycle before it is fully cured, soaking will wash off coating).
  3. It is important to start on side closest to exhaust port (closest to engine), wrapping down the system towards the exhaust tip.
  4. Make an initial wrap around the pipe flush with flange, then and wrap around pipe 3 more times at an angle, then secure end with Thermal-Tie™ (Figure 4) or hose clamp.
  5. After securing end, continue to wrap around pipe, using ¼” (or 50% overlap) with each pass and keeping tension on the exhaust wrap.
  6. Every 4 to 5 passes (or coils) around pipe use your hands to go back tighten the wrap. If you soaked wrap, you'll see water dripping out. Getting the water out is not the purpose for this, tightening the wrap is.
  7. If your primary tubes become so close together you cannot wrap them individually, wrap both pipes as one while using the same ¼” (or 50%) overlap.
  8. When wrapping the collector start with a ¼” (or 50%) of wrap overlapped on the wrapped primary tubes (Figure 3).
  9. Use Thermal-Tie to secure end
  10. Clean up and go have fun!

PLEASE NOTE: Your exhaust wrap will smoke after installation, it will eventually stop. Smoke is a normal by product of the curing process; your wrap will not burst into flames.  HP Color Exhaust Wrap will discolor after installation and turn brown; this is a normal part of the color coating curing process. The brown color will disappear; intervals will vary with exhaust temperatures. Cooler burning exhaust systems can take up to 5 days of normal use before the color coat completely cures hotter exhaust systems may take only 30 minutes.

It is not advised to wash exhaust wrap after installation, pressure washers can damage wrap and also cause it to change color.

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