Heavy Duty Heat Shield Sleeve

HD Thermaflect Shield

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  • Continuous operating reflective temperature of 1100°F, 2000°F intermittent

  • Capable of reflecting over 90% of radiant heat

  • Flexible, bends and conforms to almost any shape

  • Perfect radiant heat shield for mufflers, catalytic converters, DPF, and more

  • Great for heavy duty applications

  • Made in the USA


Part No Description
HD10606 0.25 in thk x 6 in x 14 in
HD10608 0.25 in thk x 14 in x 20 in

Thermaflect Shield is intended for wrapping around air boxes, electrical boxes, air conditioning components, or used as a heat shield for a catalytic converter, muffler, DPF, or a floor heat shield. The highest quality reflective heat shield on the market, there is no better way to shield up to 90% of radiant heat. We use a 1/4" thick ceramic inner pad sandwiched between heavy duty foil and bound together with a stainless steel mesh at the edges. By binding the edges with this mesh, we create greater flexibility and a more rugged product. This heat shield withstands 1100°F continuous radiant heat and 500°F of direct contact. All of these heat shields may be fastened with Thermal-Tie, safety wire, screws, or rivets.

Thermaflect Shield can bet wrapped around a component and secured with our Thermal-Tie, clamp, or wire

Screw/rivet installation

  1. Thermaflect Shield may be secured to a panel using an adhesive or mechanical fasenters.
  2. Use large washer (fender washer) or large head rivets
  3. Pre-punch holes through Thermaflect Shield. This way when screing into shield, you reduce risk of screw grabbing insulation inside.
  4. Attach shield to panel

Spray adhesive installation

  1. Degrease and clean surface any residual dirt, grease, or chemicals, use carburetor spray or other cleaner/degreaser.
  2. We strongly recommend rubbing the surface with a pre-paint cleaner or isopropyl alcohol (or other non-residue cleaner) after cleaning and degreasing.
  3. Spray surface area and side of Thermaflect Shield with spray adhesive (something like 3M Super 77 or 3M super Trim adhesive)
  4. Let both surfaces get tacky
  5. Press Thermaflect Shield onto surface and hold for 2 minutes
  6. If you with to edge the surface of the Thermalfect shield use the Cool Foil Tape or Thermaflect Tape

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure | Brochure (printer friendly)

Insulator type: Heat barrier

Base material: Basalt

Q. Can I put Thermaflect Shield directly on the exhaust?

A. No, Thermaflect Shield is a radiant heat barrier it is engineered to shield heat that is 1" away from the shield.

Q. Why don't you recommend a high temperature spray adhesive for Thermaflect Shield?

A. A high temperature spray adhesive would work just fine. Thermaflect Shield knocks heat down enough that is falls well within the temperature parameters of Super 77 or Super Trim adhesive spray

Use Thermalfect Shield on:

  • Above DPF
  • Under cab
  • Above exhaust system

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