HG Shield – Heat Shield Kit for Hand Guards


  • Protects composite handguards from becoming brittle

  • Extends battery life of electronics mounted to rail

  • Reduced thermal mirage for optics

  • Custom contract work available

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
HGSK-0100 8 in x 12 in, lava

HG Shield™ kits can protect both polymer and composite handguards from heat damage. This hand guard heat shield kit can improve the handguards performance in the field and increase their longevity. Excessive heat from the barrel can damage and change the chemical state of many composites causing them to weaken and break. Additionally, these handguard heat shields can protect sensitive electronics mounted to the rail and prevent barrel heat from shortening battery life or causing permanent damage. Reducing heat from the handguard may also help to reduce any heat mirage effecting optics and accuracy.

Patent pending on this hand guard heat shield

You may also contact us for contract work. Please include drawings or details about your custom handguard heat shield size

Consumer products coming soon

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