Spark Plug and Ignition wire Heat Shield - HP Color Sleeve

Color Heat Shield Sleeve

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  • Capable of reducing up to 60% of radiant heat

  • Shields and protects ignition wires, great for 8 mm

  • Special weave allows it to expand over fittings and terminals

  • Adjustable id 5/16 in to 7/16 in x 25 ft roll

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
203121 7/16 Id x 25 ft Roll Red
203122 7/16 Id x 25 ft Roll Blue
203123 7/16 Id x 25 ft Roll Yellow
203124 7/16 Id x 25 ft Roll Black
203125 7/16 Id x 25 ft Roll Tan

Heatshield Products Color Sleeves™ are an excellent way to protect wires, fuel lines, brake lines and more from thermal exposure while enhancing your vehicle’s appearance. The special weaving of the car heatshield allows it to expand over fittings during installation and return to its original size. Heat shield sleeve coatings can withstand 1,200° F continuously. Rolls are 25 feet in length and have an adjustable inside diameter from 5/16 to 7/16 inch. Fasten using Thermal-Tie™ or hose clamps. Heatshield Products thermal-barrier color sleeves are available in red, blue, yellow, black and tan.

HP Color Sleeve Installation Tips

  • To expand ID of sleeve, bunch or shrink the overall length of sleeve
  • To decrease ID stretch overall length
  • Secure ends of sleeve with Thermal-Tie, clamp, wire, or high temp electrical tape

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Dissipates heat

Base material: Fiberglass



The following conversion is a guide for AN hoses only. The conversion reflects the most common conversions for AN hose sizes, however there may be some variances with different manufacturer's. Always double check by measuring the OD of your hose. Always verify the OD of your hose, you may use a caliper or sliding an open end wrench over the hose. If you are still unsure verify with the manufacturer of the hose as to their specific OD. By using this calculator you acknowledge this is a guide only and it is ultimately your responsibility to verify the correct OD of your AN line.








How do I prevent my spark plug wires from burning?

HP Color Sleeve stops heat and fire damage to all ignition wires..

How do I get the sleeve to expand over fittings and terminals?

Compress or shorten the sleeve length. This causes the diameter to expand up to 20 percent. Then stretch the opening of the sleeve then slide over your terminal. It may also help to coat fitting or terminal with silicone or dry graphite spray before sliding over. After you have protected wire, pull the ends of the heat shield sleeve and increase the length. This will decrease the diameter to fit on your ignition wire.

How many heat shrink ends come in this kit?

HP Color Sleeve comes with 16 HP Shrink, this allows you to seal the ends onto your ignition wires. If you need additional heat seal shrink tubing, go here for part numbers to order from a dealer.

Use Color Heat Shield Sleeve on:

  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Wire looms
  • Brake Lines

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