Lava Turbo Plug

Turbo plug

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  • Protects turbos when towing

  • Heatshield exclusive RugGold™ technology

  • Cool carbon fiber look

  • Protects intake system form debris

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
070814 Lava Turbo Plug, 3 in x 2.5 in tall
070815 Lava Turbo Plug, 4 in x 3 in tall
070816 Lava Turbo Plug, 5 in x 3 in tall

Protect your turbo charger from excessive wear, damage and the elements with our Lava Turbo Plug™. The Lava Turbo Plug™ fits securely into the turbocharger intake, blocking airflow that can cause the turbine to spin and create unlubricated wear on the internal bearings.

When a turbo is allowed to spin while the engine isn’t running, there is no pressurized oil feeding into the turbocharger to properly lubricate the internal bearings. This situation is common for race cars towed on open trailers at highway speeds, where the velocity of the airflow can spin the open turbo or turbos. The Heatshield Turbo Compressor Plug eliminates this, avoiding costly turbocharger repairs and replacement.

Made from our specially formulated volcanic rock fiber material, Lava Turbo Plug™ can be inserted onto a hot turbo with no worries of the plug being damaged. It is specially designed to fit snuggly in place but be easy to remove when necessary.

While protecting the turbocharger from unlubricated turbine spool, Lava Turbo Plug™ also keeps debris and moisture out of the intake system. Even if you’re towing on an open trailer through a downpour, you won’t have to worry about water accumulating in the turbo or intake system.

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