About Us

Based in Southern California, Heatshield Products is a family-owned company that produces high-quality solutions to issues caused by extreme heat in a number of industries. Using only the highest quality materials, Heatshield Products develops and creates superior, American-made products that solve heat issues of the performance and automotive market. Whether you need a heat management solution for your car, motorcycle, boat or industrial manufacturing, Heatshield Products helps you find the right solution to maximize your machine’s performance and efficiency. From improving fuel mileage to lowering emissions, to enhancing your vehicle’s power and overall longevity, our team of friendly experts is always ready to answer your questions and determine exactly what product you need for your vehicle or machine. 

Family Run and American Made

In 1985, Mel and Bruce Heye saw a need for a company that created honest, American-made products that solved the extreme heat issues of the performance and automotive market. Together with their combined 60+ years of experience in the automotive industry, they founded Heatshield Products. Using their decades of experience on the racetrack and only the highest quality materials, Heatshield Products develops and creates dependable industry solutions that solve all your heat and sound insulation issues.

We are now a third generation family-owned company. Today, Bruce, and his son, Steve, manage Heatshield Products. Carrying on the family tradition, they have continued to expand our selection to offer the very best thermal solutions possible. Our products are all proudly American-made and extreme field tested meaning you can count on your Heatshield Products’ heat shield and sound solutions to deliver the highest level of quality in the industry.

Products and Services

We have expanded from our roots in off-the-shelf automotive thermal solutions to now offer custom designed heat shields, insulations, and a line of acoustic damping products for a range of industries and machines. Our collection includes heat management options for marine, welding, military, industrial, heavy duty, home, automotive, and motorcycle vehicle applications. Our heat management solutions will make your machines more powerful, longer-lasting, and efficient, saving you precious time and money on fuel and repairs.

Friendly and Honest Service

In addition to our high-quality products, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our hardworking team of experts will help you find a custom solution to your heat and sound management problems. You can count on Heatshield Products’ staff to be not only knowledgeable and qualified but also friendly and honest. We pride ourselves on being transparent with all our customers, meaning that Heatshield Products will always tell the complete truth about our products and our performance, no matter what.

For questions about our products and services or to learn about pricing, please contact us or find a dealer near you.

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