Sound Insulation

Sound deadeners are a dime-a-dozen, so what makes Heatshield Products' acoustical insulation materials so special? We do it right! While others have focused on their marketing, we have focused on getting you the right product for the right problem. Noise inside a vehicle is caused by multiple sources, so a one-product-fits-all approach won't work. We offer lightweight, high-tech products to solve your acoustical problems. That's right, light weight, you shouldn't have to add 500 lbs. to your ride to get it to quiet down. By taking a great strategy and using the right products, you can make your ride quiet without turning it into a whale!

Asphalt (butyl) sound dampeners work great for vibration noises, however it can take up to 6 layers of them to eliminate the same amount of road noise (an airborne sound) as 1 layer of a sound barrier. Combining the right mix of dampeners and sound barriers will save you time, money, and keep your ride quiet (on the inside anyway) and light!

Sound Insulation Application Chart: Good Better Best

Fire wall, floor pan, transmission tunnel, wheel wells, trunk

db Skin, db Suppressor

db Sniper

1 coat db Skin and db Sniper


db Suppressor

db Shield

1 coat db Skin (outer door skin) and db Shield on door panel


db Suppressor

db Skin

db Skin

Fiberglass and Carbon

db Skin

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  • db Suppressor

    db Suppressor the advanced sound insulator offering superior lightweight damping.
  • db Sniper

    db Sniper shoots, and kills sound! Superior to asphalt dampers for road noise.
  • db Skin

    db Skin is a water-based, air-curing, sprayable, vibration damping compound that bonds well to sheet...
  • db Shield

    db Shield is a thin, lightweight, and highly moldable sound insulation.
  • db Gasket

    Is that noise in your ride rattling around in your head at night? Use our db Gasket to keep your min...
  • db Tool

    db Tool been ergonomically designed to ensure a good bond for sound dampers.

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