"If you don't like heat live in Wisconsin, or use Heatshield Products" - Jim Ring, Ring Brothers
Keep your cool even in your hot ride
“Heat is the killer of performance, plain and simple. Heatshield Products offer solutions to the problems I encountered building JADED These guys are on the cutting edge of technology, and I won’t build a car without them…period!” - Kevin Tetz TV Personality, Automotive journalist, Car Builder, Creator & Instructor of Paintucation LLC
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"In the world of custom bikes and hot rods, we constantly encounter high heat and tight tolerances. Heatshield Products help us beat the heat and keep it away from the feet!!!” Bryan Fuller - Fuller Hot Rods
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New Direction14/08/11

We are going to change the format of our blog here at Heatshield Products on our home page. To stay up with the latest and greatest news, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.   Here on our blog, we are going to refocus our attention to bring you tech heavy information, testimonials, and a little product training. So the updates will be far less frequent but they will be filled with valuable information to help you make the right decision. Stay tuned [...]


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I-M Shield - Inake Manifold Heat Shield

I-M Shield