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"If you don't like heat live in Wisconsin, or use Heatshield Products" - Jim Ring, Ring Brothers
Keep your cool even in your hot ride
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Heat Insulation 101 - The basics of exhaust insulation14/09/05

Heat insulators retain heat in what they are placed upon. The most efficient way to fix a hot firewall, interior, or fuel cell is to stop heat at the source with an insulator. Most insulators are exhaust wraps, but there are other options. Typical insulators (wraps) available on the market are comprised of fiberglass, which is good for 1000F of continuous direct heat. Fiberglass exhaust wraps can have special coatings applied to them such as “Vermiculite,” graphite, etc., which al [...]


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I-M Shield - Inake Manifold Heat Shield

I-M Shield