Industrial heat shield and thermal insulation solutions. We cover it all from your factory ovens, to your power plant keeping the production line going. Heatshield Products can help to reduce energy costs by making industrial dryer ovens & applications more efficient with our industrial heat insulation products.

Industrial Exhaust Insulation – Exhaust insulation systems for genset, power plant applications. Heat shield barriers for worker protection, oven insulation and gaskets. Reduce energy consumption and worker fatigue by keeping the heat where it belongs

Heat Shield Barrier Curtains – heat shield curtains can shield workers from oven or refinery heat. We can manufacture a system as small as 4 feet wide all the way up to 50 feet wide. Using a heat shield curtain can lower energy costs because less thermal energy is lost during your manufacturing process. Heat shield barriers may be used to prevent energy loss for your industrial oven. They can also be used to shield heat from critical electronic components. A good heat shield barrier can prevent heat from radiating out of a power generation room.

Industrial Heat Shield Sleeve – From the refinery to the brewery, a heat shield sleeve can save you money and prevent accidents. Heat shield sleeves can be used to shield radiant heat or they can be used to retain heat. Either solution can keep vital gases and fluids cool when needed. Additionally they may be used to keep heat where it belongs preventing a worker from being burned and reduce the energy needs to keep fluids warm.

Industrial Heat Shield Tape – Heat shield tape is a great way to shield spot components in your factory or manufacturing process. Quickly wrap the heat resistant tape around wiring, pipes, and hoses to prevent radiant heat from slowing your processes down.

All of our products have been made here in the USA since 1985 and are asbestos free. Meaning we keep your manufacturing safe an efficient.

We offer products for industrial welding solutions as well, please visit the welding section of our website.
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