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Heatshield Products

At Heatshield Products we take great care to be sure we give you accurate information and bring you the best exhaust wraps, heat protective sleevings and heat shield insulation around. We may be out marketed at times, but we are not out performed! We have been family owned, operated, and made in the USA since 1985. Additional solutions are available other than the ones listed on our site and we can consult you on your next designing project. Our team of thermal insulation experts can find a solution for you.

Please explore our site, but before purchasing any heat shield or other thermal insulation products (ours or anyone else's) please visit our Heatshield 101 page. The information provided will help you make the right decision and prevent you from wasting your time and money.

Why Flex Pipes Should Be Wrapped Separately

By Patrick Hill 11 days ago No comments
For this installment of the Heatshield Products blog, we wanted to bring you an easy tech tip on installing exhaust wrap on your exhaust system if you have a flex pipe as part of the pipes. No matter what type of exhaust wrap you are installing, a section of flex pipe in your exhaust system should be wrapped separately from normal fixed pipe sections. This means that as you install the wrap, you should stop short of the flex pipe, terminate the wrap and secure it, then begin a new wrap on the flex pipe section. Why should you do this? ABOVE: Whether you're installing an exhaust wrap or produ ... Read More

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