Heatshield Products can meet your extreme DOD needs. We can consult, design, and fabricate a custom solution for your problem, let us get in early on your prototype! Our products range from exotic, to the cost effective insulation, even in field reparable solutions. We can even design products so they can be serviced in the field. We can help to lower your thermal signature, camouflage it. Thermal & ballistic blankets, removable heat shield jackets with mil spec heatshield armor to sound and thermal reduction capabilities. 

Exhaust Heat Shield Insulation – From the UAV to the armored vehicle we have solutions for you. Exhaust insulation that is easy to install and infield reparable. Insulation an exhaust in an armored vehicle can keep personnel cooler and sensitive electronic equipment working properly. Lightweight exhaust insulation to the traditional exhaust lagging, we can take the heat.

Thermal Signature Camouflage – Thermal insulation covers and solutions to help disguise personnel or vehicle deployments. It is possible to reduce the thermal signature management of your vehicle and operations with our help.

Heat Shield Barriers – Heat shield barriers can protect sensitive electronic components from heat damage. Which can improve reliability and up time. They can also be used on internal combustion power plants to improve fuel mileage and range.

Fire Arm Heat Shield – Covering a hot barrel is not a problem! We can manufacture a cover for automatic weaponry that will sustain the temperatures of a glowing barrel. Suppressor heat shield that can reduce the heat mirage for a scopes and protect your strategic position from being discovered.

We can help develop your thermal management strategy for what your equipment and mission needs require. Servicing all branches, Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and DOD contractors. Don't hesitate to contact us with your request today.

CAGE Code: 3BCP6
NAICS: 327993

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