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  1. Heatshield Products 2018 Year in Review

    Heatshield Products 2018 Year in Review

    We try to keep our Heatshield blog informative and helpful, but as we close out the year, we felt that a fun look back at 2018 was in order.

    Too Many to Count  

    Heatshield Products Chris Schwartz

    The number of times we’ve made “Use the Schwartz” and other Spaceba

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  2. Lesser Known Car Movies that Rock

    Lesser Known Car Movies that Rock

    Bullitt, Grand Prix, Gone in 60 Seconds (the original), LeMans, Mad Max…these are the car movies that most automotive enthusiasts will know and have seen multiple times. If you’re hardcore, you can recite lines from any of them on demand and faster than someone can pull it up on YouTube. Well, except LeMans, which has maybe five paragraphs total of dialogue! But with a little digging, you can find some great, off-the-radar car movies that’ll give you some real entertainment.

    Here is our list of underrated, unknown, or otherwise overlooked car movies that are well worth the watch!

    Thunder and Lightning

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  3. 5 Sound Deadening Myths

    Here at Heatshield Products, we’ve heard just about every sound-deadener myth (and lie) there is. The heavier the deadener, the better. Two layers are better than one. The check’s in the mail.

    So, it’s time for us to set the record straight on the five most common myths:

    Sound-deadening material has to be heavy and thick in order to work well. This simply isn’t true! Heatshield Products makes decreasing the unwanted sound and noise in your hot rod, classic car or off-road vehicle easier than you might think! We focus on the science of reducing unwanted sound and noise inside a vehicle, not simply applying the heaviest material possible to suppress vibration. For example, db Armor™ is 20 percent lighter than competing damping sheets, yet is three times more effective at decreasing sound and noise!

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  4. Fall In Full Swing

    Fall is upon us, and it is a very busy time of year. As we tackle more projects here at HPi, we are hitting our stride for SEMA but not forgetting about all the other projects coming along as well. Have you checked out our #ANconversion App? It will help you pick the right size sleeve based upon what AN size your hose it. OD’s may vary with different manufacturers, but we have taken the most popular OD’s of AN hoses and made a web app to help you pick your sleeving size! We just launched it and you can check it out here! Be sure to read up on our upcoming new product XdbArmor! It is 20% lighter than the most extreme dampener with 30% more dampening capability! Read more here and stay tuned to the social media for its official launch.

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  5. SEMA Sneak Peak

    Another week in the can! We have been busy attempting to prepare ourselves for SEMA. We have a lot of new products in development that don’t look like they will make! A revolutionary way to keeping your interior cool and some big changes to those that need a Gucci look with amazing performance insulation performance! Alas, those will have to wait for after SEMA, but we will still be featuring some new products at SEMA. Our HP increasing I-M Shields new revolutionary db Armor and whatever else we can get propaganda printed and ready for. It looks like our booth vehicle builders are doing much better than we are as far as prep goes…


    We didn’t know they were going to color coordinate!

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