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  1. T56 Clutch Slave Cylinder Heat Shield Protection

    T56 Clutch Slave Cylinder Heat Shield Protection

    Installing a late model manual transmission, specifically the TREMEC T56 six-speed, is one of the most popular upgrades for a classic car these days. Especially when something is being rebuilt in a pro touring style. Besides offering more strength and gear selections over the old-style four- and three-speeds the old cars have, these transmissions use a hydraulic clutch actuation that’s way easier on the driver.

    With the T56, the hydraulic slave cylinder that activates the clutch is mounted on the bellhousing. This places the slave unit in very close proximity to the exhaust, especially when long tube exhaust headers and true dual exhaust are installed, which is the case with most vehicles the T56 is being retrofitted into. The body of the slave cylinder i

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  2. Lava Exhaust Wrap Install and Test

    Lava Exhaust Wrap Install and Test

    There are a lot of myths, malarkey and horse manure out there when it comes to exhaust wrap. The biggest pile is that exhaust wrap destroys your headers. This is a misconception that scares people away from using exhaust wrap to increase performance. When you wrap exhaust headers, more heat stays in the header pipes—which is what you want.

    Where the misconception comes into play is with what happens after the wrap is on. There are a multitude of headers out there and therefore a variety of alloys for tube material. Metal alloys have a minimum and maximum temperature rating for what they can withstand. Extreme cold has major effects on metal just like extreme heat does. That’s why aircraft aluminum is designed to withstand extreme cold way more than extreme hea

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  3. Exhaust Gas Temps, Turbos, Turbo Shields and Making Power

    ABOVE: An unshielded turbo means you’re leaving a lot of horsepower and turbo efficiency on the table. Increased turbo lag, lower max boost and increased underhood heat are all negative effects of an unshielded turbocharger.

    You’ll see us talking up using Heatshield Products exhaust wrap and/or insulation to keep more heat in your exhaust system for multiple reasons. First is to cut down on the amount of heat the exhaust system radiates, which can increase underhood temperatures and interior heat; the exhaust pipes running under the floor will heat the floor and transmit that heat into the passenger cabin. Second, keeping more heat in the exhaust system helps increase performance, especially in turbocharged applications. You

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  4. Heatshield Products 2018 Year in Review

    Heatshield Products 2018 Year in Review

    We try to keep our Heatshield blog informative and helpful, but as we close out the year, we felt that a fun look back at 2018 was in order.

    Too Many to Count  

    Heatshield Products Chris Schwartz

    The number of times we’ve made “Use the Schwartz” and other Spaceballs jokes

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  5. Lesser Known Car Movies that Rock

    Lesser Known Car Movies that Rock

    Bullitt, Grand Prix, Gone in 60 Seconds (the original), LeMans, Mad Max…these are the car movies that most automotive enthusiasts will know and have seen multiple times. If you’re hardcore, you can recite lines from any of them on demand and faster than someone can pull it up on YouTube. Well, except LeMans, which has maybe five paragraphs total of dialogue! But with a little digging, you can find some great, off-the-radar car movies that’ll give you some real entertainment.

    Here is our list of underrated, unknown, or otherwise overlooked car movies that are well worth the watch!

    Thunder and Lightning

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