Gold Foil Heat Wrap vs. Real Heat Shield. Gold stickers are cute but they don't cut it for real heat protection. Nothing proves a point more than an actual in-use situation, on a vehicle, a race vehicle makes it even better! Check out the gold foil in the picture below. Notice something funny about it? Why is it being covered up? Well, that’s easy; it’s a gold vinyl sticker not a real heat shield barrier. A friend of Heatshield snapped this at SEMA, we can’t disclose the sponsored race car, driver or team name, but the picture says it all. So did a member of this race team, he said the gold barrier didn’t help them one bit, so they had to use something heavier duty on the front of it. Beware of what you buy, or in this case are given for your heat protection just because something looks Gucci, doesn’t mean it works. It’s a rough road to undo, but we will help people stay cool one racer at a time, use HP Sticky Shield to keep your cool!