As the first leaf forlornly falls to the ground with Fall’s approach, thoughts of cozying up to a warm fireplace to keep Winter’s chill at bay come forth. That means it’s time to get the fireplace ready, chop wood or stock up gas, cleaning flues, and if you’ve got a gas fireplace readying for your gas bill to go up. But be it wood powered or gas, Heatshield Products now has something to help you get more heat out of your fireplace while lowering your fuel costs (be it in dollars or gallons of sweat) with our new FireFlect Shield™ thermal barrier for fireplaces.

While the stone or bricks a fireplace is typically constructed from reflect heat towards the fireplace opening, a lot of the heat is sent up the chimney and absorbed into the fireplace walls and mortar. Not only does this mean less heat going into your house or cabin, but that heat does eventually take a toll on the fireplace wall stones or bricks and the mortar that keeps them together. And if you’re fireplace isn’t putting out enough heat for your comfort, that means turning up the gas, using more electricity, or throwing some more wood on the fire.

ABOVE: FireFlect Shield™ is made fro 316 stainless steel alloy and our specially formulated, proprietary Inferno Core™ insulation material. It can withstand up to 1800 degrees F of continuous heat.

FireFlect Shield™ is a specially designed thermal barrier shield that installs inside a fireplace to direct more heat forward and out of the fireplace opening, improving fireplace efficiency by up to 30 percent and cutting down on how much fuel you have to use. Made from Heatshield Products’ proprietary Inferno Core™ thermal insulation sandwiched between 316 stainless steel alloy, FireFlect Shield™ installs easily and in minutes, whether your fireplace uses wood, gas logs, or an electric heating unit. You can also easily remove FireFlect Shield™ when it’s time to clean your fireplace. It can handle up to 1800 degrees F of continuous heat and 2200 degrees F of intermittent heat.

Besides reflecting more heat into your home or cabin, FireFlect Shield™ also reduces the wear and tear on your fireplace walls by reducing the amount of heat the construction mortar sees along with the bricks or stones themselves. FireFlect Shield™ is a great, less costly alternative to a fireplace blower unit, and will direct more heat into your living space, meaning less fuel or electricity used to heat the space. You can even use FireFlect Shield™ with a campfire or firepit to help direct more heat where you want it most.

FireFlect Shield™ is available in multiple common fireplace sizes, but custom sized units are available upon request.


16 " BW x 17" H x 12" AL


18" BW x 17" H x 12" AL


26 " BW x 20" H x 12" AL


31" BW x 20" H x 12" AL

So while you’re getting things ready for some cool Fall weather and even colder Winter days, do yourself a favor and grab yourself a FireFlect Shield™ so you can spend more time enjoying your fireplace.