Catch Can Heat Shield

Oil Catch Can Heat Shield

  • Universal kit fits most catch cans and oil sperators

  • Keeps the catch can cool so oil vapor will fall out of suspension faster

  • Helps reduce amount of oil vapor ingested into engine through the intake PCV system

  • Reflects up to 90 percent of radiant heat

1100°F 593℃ CONTINUOUS
2000°F 1093℃ Intermittent
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140401 Catch Can Heat Shield 7 in x 12 in 819825015089

Oil catch cans helps keep the engine from re-ingesting oil vapor that’s being vented by the PCV system during engine operation. When sucked through the intake, this oil vapor bathes the intake ports, intake valves and combustion chamber; when heated and burned, carbon buildup in the intake system will drastically increase. This could hurt engine performance and lead to detonation/knocking and inhibits the air/fuel mixture flow over the intake valve. Emissions increase as well.

The Catch Can Shield™ is designed to keep the oil catch can cooler by preventing it from being heated by ambient engine heat and direct exposure to sunlight, in the case of dragsters and other vehicles with open-air engine compartments. By keeping the catch can cooler, the air inside the oil vapor mixture entering the can is better able to fall out of suspension faster, decreasing the amount of oil sucked back into the intake system. This increases the efficiency of separation oil in the can. This means less carbon buildup, reduced chance of carbon hotspots causing detonation in the engine, cleaner intake valves and less fouling on spark plugs.

Catch Can Shield™ uses a specially designed, heat-resistant self-adhesive, so no clamps are needed for installation. Clean the surface of the catch can with a good solvent to rid it of any oil or other residues, then stick it on and you’re ready to go with your automotive heat insulation.

SDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation Type: Thermal Barrier - Designed reflect radiant heat

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