db Armor - High Performance Lightweight Sound Insulation

Light weight advanced sound insulation

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  • Lightweight, weighs 20% less than leading dampener with superior dampening ability

  • Lightest weight material with the thickest aluminum layer currently available

  • Use sheer force to reduce or eliminate vibration

  • Weight: 0.39 lbs. ft²

  • 0.052" thick

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
040012 21" X 39" 2 Pack aprox 15 sq/ft
040013 21" X 39" 5 Pack aprox 30 sq/ft
040014 21" X 39" 10 Pack aprox 60 sq/ft

Heatshield Products db Armor™ is a superior automotive sound deadening material that raises the bar in the industry. It is thinner and lighter than comparative products and delivers triple the sound-deadening performance!

Addressing one of the biggest compromises that car builders face when adding automotive sound deadening material, db Armor™ is 20 percent lighter than comparable sound-deadening products. Heatshield Products has accomplished the weight reduction while improving sound deadening capability, delivering three times the sound-deadening performance of similar products. The db Armor™ is even one and a half times more effective than the highest-rated sound-deadening products on the market!

At only .051-inch (6 mil) thickness, db Armor™ can be applied in even the tightest spaces, and it can be adhered to steel, aluminum, finished fiberglass and plastic. db Armor™ acoustical energy suppression capabilities rival that of standard sound-barrier materials. Unlike some companies that have decided to increase the thickness of their butyl layer, we have shrunk ours and increased the thickness of the foil (which is what actually dampens the sound waves – do they even know how CLD’s work???). Increasing butyl thickness ads unnecessary weight and can actually hurt performance. What may sound great from a supply factory overseas and in a sales pitch is only weighing down your vehicle and not performing like it is advertised.

Applying db Armor™ to any steel, aluminum, plastic or finished fiberglass surface will decrease structural resonance, producing a tighter, quieter and more comfortable ride. In addition, this sound insulation's adhesive backing provides solid and worry-free attachment.

SDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: CLD (Constrained Layer Damper)

Base Material: Proprietary

Weight (lbs/ft): 0.36

Use db Armor on:

  • Transmission tunnel
  • Outer body panel skins
  • Floor pan
  • Wheel wells
  • Trunk
  • Fire wall
  • Ceiling/roof panel
  • Rear deck

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