db Gasket - Speaker Mount Gasket and Linkage Silencer

db Gasket

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  • Highly water and chemical resistant

  • Aggressive adhesive

  • Lightweight

  • Thin, 0.125” thick

  • Quiets linkage

  • Manufactured from top quality materials, right here in the USA

Part No Description
40060 0.125 in thk x 10 in x 10 in (Pack of 4)

db Gasket™ is a thin, closed-cell urethane foam designed to act as a buffer (or speaker gasket) between independently vibrating components to eliminate squeaks, rattles and buzzes. This speaker damping material is ideal for speaker installations, providing a crisper, cleaner sound, and can be used to help vibrating linkage rods for door handles and locking mechanisms. db Gasket™ features an aggressive, modified acrylic adhesive that is impervious to water and harsh chemicals, making it suitable for exterior applications. db Gasket™ can be used like an O.E. product for license-plate brackets, taillights, headlights, window regulator mounts, bumper mounts and more.

Download db Gasket Instruction Sheet


• Scissors or utility knife       • Carb spray or your favorite cleaner/degreaser
• Tape measure                    • Isopropyl alcohol, pre-paint cleaner, or other non residue cleaner


  1. A little db Gasket will go a long way! Only small pieces of this material are necessary to prevent squeaks, rattles and buzzes from occurring.
  2. Take a moment to measure the surface to be treated to make sure enough db Gasket is available to complete the installation.
  3. Be sure db Gasket and panel are above 65°F, so adhesive makes good contact and cures properly


  1. Be sure to clean the surface of the components by cleaning and degreasing them. Give the panel one final wipe with isopropyl alcohol, pre-paint cleaner, ammonia based aerosol glass cleaner, or other non-residue leaving cleaner.
  2. Measure twice, cutting and fitting the db Gasket to be installed first.
  3. Make sure the installation of db Gasket will not impede the proper operation of any mechanical component.
  4. Remove the paper release liner and apply the db Gasket onto the surface.
  5. Hold firmly for 30 seconds.
  6. Done!


MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Sound dampener

Base Material: Closed-cell urethane

More information coming soon!

Use db Gasket on:

  • Speaker installations
  • License plate brackets
  • Linkage rods
  • Any metal to metal contact of panels or components

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