Light Weight Sound and Heat Insulation

Under carpet heat and sound insulation

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  • Power of db Armor + HP Stealth Shield

  • Won’t turn your ride into a pig as it quiets noise and ACTUALLY reduces heat

  • Weight: 0.65 lbs. per square foot

  • 0.176” thick

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
040082 21.5 x 39 in 5 pack
040084 21.5 x 39 in 10 pack

Controlling heat and sound inside a vehicle usually requires the install of two separate products, or one product that’s bulky and also heavy. Adding dead weight is never a good thing, especially if the vehicle in question is going to be hitting the track. And having to do twice the work means less time to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

db Stealth Armor™ combines the acoustic damping properties of db Armor™ with the thermal barrier properties of HP Stealth Shield™, so in one installation you can quiet things down inside your ride while keeping the heat out. AND without adding a lot of dead weight since db Stealth Armor™ only weighs 0.652-pounds per square foot. Being only .176-inches thick, it also fits under carpet or vinyl floors without causing fitment issues. Thanks to its adhesive backing, db Stealth Armor™ is easy to install on floor pans, trunks, firewalls, roof panels, you name it. And cutting the heat insulation material to fit a certain space/size is no problem either.

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