Element Resistant Heat Shield for Marine Applications

Marine Heat Shield Cloth - Cobra Shield

  • Withstands 1100°F continuous, 2000°F intermittent

  • Revolutionary aluminized coating, won’t delaminate like foil cloths

  • Chemical and weather resistant coating

  • More rugged and abrasion resistant than laminated cloths

  • Reflects radiant heat way

  • Bulk rolls available

  • Made in the USA

Sku Description UPC
HD75001 0.014 in thk x 36 in x 56 in 819825017052
HD75010 0.014 thk x 56 in x 10 ft 819825017069

Cobra Shield Cloth is a weather and corrosion resistant heat shield barrier well suited for your vessel or offshore application. Featuring a new proprietary manufacturing process and new chemical resistant coating. Aluminum particles are bonded on a molecular level, as opposed to a laminate  like most aluminized heat barriers. This makes Cobra Cloth stronger, abrasion resistant, and won’t delaminate when subject to excessive moisture. In addition to the strong aluminized bond, we have added a new coating! This new coating makes it easy to clean, chemical resistant, and resist corrosion. This boat insulation material withstands 1100-degress Fahrenheit continuous radiant heat and 2000-degrees Fahrenheit intermittent.


 Cobra Cloth Installation tips:

  • Be sure to use a 1" air-gap between Cobra Cloth and heat source for best results
  • Cobra Cloth is intended to be applied on the cold side of panel or component, i.e. it is not intended to direct contact with heat source

Required tools:

  • Heavy duty scissors or utility knife 
  • Carburetor cleaner or other degreaser
  • Pre-paint cleaner or other non residue cleaner
  • 3M Super Trim adhesive or other spray adhesive
  • Poster board, heavy paper - optional

PRO TIP - Use poster board or butcher paper to make a template. For surfaces with severe bends, it may be necessary to cut relief lines or wedges to get product to conform. Transfer template to Cobra Cloth and cut.

  1. Panel or component surface temperature should be at least 65°F, sticking onto anything colder may not allow adhesive to set up properly.
  2. Degrease and clean surface of any residual chemicals, using carburetor spray or other cleaner/degreaser.
  3. We strongly recommend rubbing the surface with a pre-paint cleaner or isopropyl alcohol (or other non-residue cleaner) after cleaning and degreasing.
  4. After Cobra Cloth has been cut, spray back of cloth and panel or component you are applying Cobra Cloth to.
  5. Allow adhesive to get tacky and apply cloth, start on one edge of panel or component and work out slowly to ensure no “bubbles” occur. Air bubbles will cause the material to not stick and fall off. Press firmly for 2 minutes.
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