Heatshield Armor - Heavy Duty Exhaust Heat Shields for Tier 4 Emissions

HD Heatshield Armor

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  • Continuous operating temperature of 1800F, 2200F intermittent

  • Reduces radiant heat by 60%

  • 0.003” thick armor layers, can be cleaned after installation

  • Simple installation, install in minutes!

  • The ideal heat shield insulation for your down pipe, DPF, or high performance application

  • Custom stamped shapes and rolls available, tooling charges and minimums apply

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
175105 0.50 thk x 12 in x 5 ft
175110 0.50 in thk x 18 in W x 4 ft L
175111 0.50 thk x 18 in x 5 ft
175115 0.50 thk x 18 in x 10 ft
175304 0.50 thk x 36 in Wide x 4ft
175325 0.50 thk x 36 in x 25 ft

Heatshield Armor can meet all your DPF and tier 4 emission insulation needs! As emission standards change, the exhaust temperatures have risen significantly, Heatshield Armor has you covered. Heatshield Armor can reduce radiant heat from your exhaust pipe by 60%. The outer armor of this exhaust heat shield allows it to be cleaned after installation, gives it a long lifespan, and also makes Heatshield Armor resistant to the elements. The inner ceramic liner makes it capable of withstanding 1800-degrees Fahrenheit continuous, which allows this heat shield to be placed directly on exhaust system, turbo manifolds, down pipes, and DPF Insulation (check with state regulations regarding insulation the DPF). It is flexible, easy to cut and install. It is a great hybrid between custom made exhaust jackets and universal wraps! A distinct Armor advantage over an all alloy exhaust heat shield, you do not get the hot side to cold side heat conduction, because there is no metal to metal contact layer! Heatshield Armor can even be repaired with one of our Heatshield Armor Weld tapes! Heatshield Armor can help you meet your DOT on OSHA heat requirements.

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Insulation Type: Insulator - Designed to be put directly on heat source to keep in



This calculator is a tool to estimate how much exhaust heat shield wrap you will need for your exhaust system. Calculations are a guide only! While this calculator is very accurate, results will vary on installation of Heatshield Armor. By using this calculator your agree that this is a guide only and that actual useage may vary.

Guide for calculator usage:

All fractions should be in decimal form, for example:

  • 1/8 should be 0.125
  • 1/4 should be 0.250
  • 1/2 should be 0.500
  • 3/4 should be 0.750
  • 7/8 should be 0.875


1/4" is reccomended for naturally aspirated automotive applications and powersports. 1/2" thickness is recommended for all forced induction automotive, heavy duty, genset and industrial applications.

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Use Heatshield Armor on:

  • Diesel exhaust systems
  • DPF
  • Downpipes
  • Fire Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Buses

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